Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Has the strong self-studying capabilty

7 years sales related job experience in Industry and Renewable energy;
7 years work experience in multinational companies;
Good grasp of English;Senior Manager-SCM in an UK Save on Your Wedding-Part company;8+years in market leading http://www.fernstudium-infos.decompanies in Automotive and Industrial manufacturing market;
Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Manager of Quality http://forums.getrichslowly.org / Organization Excellence, certified by American Society for Quality; TS16949 , AS9100 Auditor qualified y EATON&BV;
Expertise in SCM, Quality and 6Sigma;Thorough knowledge in Casting, Machining and Stainless Steel Products; Choose A Wedding Florist
Excellent oral & written English, strong communication skills in multi-culture environment1. be good at logical, e.g. is able to fullfil all surfaces of magic Perfect Wedding Dresses cube within two minutes with self-studying method. http://www.netpond.com
2. favour software development.
a. developped Chinese Go game by QBasic Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding Turbo-C 15 years ago.
b. use VC/VB6 more than 10 years.
c. use VS2005/2008http://forumprawne.org, python, Java, Labview, Teststand about 2 to 6 years.
d. use VS2010 about 1 year.
3. Has the strong self-studying capabilty, is able to find the solution quickly if meet problems during software developm http://www.androidforums.com

Strong sense of responsibility and logic thinking

Expert in .Net Development, independent contributor, proven skills in strategic thinking on multiple aspects in software development lifecycle. 4 years industrial experience of PLM software with multiple successful stories in a Wedding Planning cleverjoe US based worldwide distributed team. Expert in requirement analysis, project estimate and task breakdown, and delivering high quality software. Strong skills in major programming languages (C#/Java/C++) and major .Net technologies (WPF, WCF, WF) http://www.ethaidesign.com . Over 5 years working experiences as an audit manager specialized in US GAAP Financial Reporting Audit and SOX 404 internal control, understanding in depth of PRC, IFRS, US accounting practices and regulations.Another 2 years experience as an internal audit manager in heavy manufacturing group, monitor and implement internal control framework establishment for group headquarter and eight sub-entities; identify, evaluate and recommend improvement on the control deficiencies.I have been engaged in industry control production sales for more than 10 years.In during this time, I have accumulated rich sales experience,and worked in a large state-owned enterprisehttp://www.onlinetradersforum.com , as well as worked in PEWC(Panasonic Electric Works China Co., Ltd. During in my worked time,I am goog at operating the Own Personalized Wedding Card bidding projects about petrolem fefining, thermoelectric, metallurgical, water treatment http://www.steveshipway.org/forum and other national large and end-users large site plant .1. Over 10 years' experiences in Technical Support, Market ,Best Wedding Venue and Business/ Commercial of Chemical
2. Results driven & aggressive with high personal and career goals
3. Good team spirit and open-mind Choosing Flowers By Season
4. Strong sense of responsibility and logic thinking
5. Able to work independently with high efficient
6. Willing to face the challenge and working under high pressure
7. Strong managerial, organizational and communicative skills http://forum.axishistory.com

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mother language

- Very good understanding of electronics products development.- A good planner, time-efficient, and good at handling multiple tasks.Chaussure TN Nike- Target oriented and problem solver, be able to keep a clear mind under pressure.- Excellent communication and presentation skill in both English and Chinese.- Languagesnfl football jerseys: Chinese (mother languagecheap nfl jerseys), English (fluent), German (fluent).- IT: very good at MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio), MS Project, SAP (key user). ² 4 Years+ working experience in headhunting field;
² Familiar with researching & recruiting process;
² Experience in recruiting for Finance, IT and HR related positions for MNCs;
² Have clear image of the structure of MNCs’ supporting function departments;
² Rich experience in resume screening and face to face interview;
² Good communication skills;
² Quick learner;nike tn
² Open-minded and hard working;jerseys monster
² Able to work under high pressure. grace
rainbow in my life
you are my sunflower

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it Time to Break Up With Your Job?

By Chris KyleYour relationship with your career is like any other relationship.There will be good days and bad days. Ups and downs.Make youself a better person
You may have to make compromises. You may get something unexpected in return.
But, unfortunately, sometimes, you just need to end things. Maybe it's best to just say goodbye and let it go.
Check out these three signs that it's time for a career break up, as well as ways to ensure that your next job is your dream job.
Break Up Sign #1: You're not really in love.You need to be honest with yourself. This career relationship is one of the most important in your

life.Here's a test: When you're acatching a glimpse of a lightt a party, do you dread that moment when someone asks you: "So...what do you do?"
If you answered yes, you likely aren't a physical therapist. According to a University of Chicago employment survey, more than three quarters of

physical therapists describethis world is not merely a bad joke themselves as "very satisfied" at work. The only occupation to rank higher: the clergy.
Generally speaking, the happiest employees work in creative or helping professions: Graphic designers, for example, use their artistic ability to

create designs for posters, flyers, and websites. An associate's degree in graphic design can get you started. If you're active and want to help

others like you, massage therapy and fitness programs can give you the skills you need to go into business for yourself and ultimately find flexible

full-time or part-time work. Likewise, a teaching certificate program can help you trade your office cubicle for a classroom and the rewards of

working with students. Breaknever take our Freedom Up Sign #2: You fight about money.Parade magazine's 2008 survey on marriage found that money was the most

common cause of marital fightsa process of self-discovery.So if your career is like a marriage, it makes sense that money can be an issue.Depending on your interests and

skill-set, here are several options that can help you get the financial aspects of your career relationship in order.http://f.pomni.com

You will need a smart phone

Your phone will need to functionno good thing ever dies like a very small computer, so you'll need a higher-end smart phone with some good apps (word processing,

spreadsheet, PDF reader, etc.).Just have a little faith You'll use the web-browsing and other capabilities of your phone to log into course web sites, read assignments,

take tests, and send emails. Remember, you'll have to pay for data access, which can add $25-$50 a month over regular charges.You will need

to get used to reading text onput all this behind us your phone's screen.How many pages can you read on a screen? If the average page of printed text on an 8 1/2

by 11 sheet of paper is 250 words, the amount of text that can be squeezed onto a mobile screen will obviously be some small fraction of that.

You could be in for a lota plan to make all of this right of scrolling on your phone's screen.You will need to get used to typing documents on that tiny keyboard.Typing short

text messages or even emails on a phone keyboard is one thing. But what about typing an academic paper of 10 pages? That could become

quite a challenge for even the most nimble-fingered mobile scholar.Plug in those headphones. Many online courses have turned to audio and

video lectures to deliver theirvaguely familiar to you course materials. And here is where a phone could really come in handy. The video and audio quality on today's

smart phones is quite high. Watching a full lecture on your phone, assuming your phone and data connection can handle it, could be quite a

pleasant experience.Anyone with a smart phone will tell you there are still connectivity issues. Some phones require a wi-fi connection to

download large files with any type of speed. You'll need to keep this in mind as you plan your "degree on the phone" curriculum. With some

smart downloading though, you'll be able to manage your files in a way so that you're not stuck without content when you have timehttp://www.slofly.com


? As HR Operation Shanghai Site leader,ralph lauren polo shirts to cover sales regional office (excluding Xiamen & Dalian), China Design Center & Worldwide Procurementralph lauren polo shirts
? As a partner with HR team tospyder jackets provide HR services & consultant in China to meet/exceed Customer Experiencespyder jackets
? As the key contact person with Talent Acquisition team, to:
? Make sure Talent Acquisitionnike running shoesnike running shoes

team’s hiring compliance with government regulation & company policies/process
? Sit in Talent Acquisition team’s All Hands meeting for: experience sharing, knowledge sharing and cases study etc
? Conduct Process/Policy and Benefit Trainings to team
? Work closely with support Business Units:
? Train and develop business managers &b local staff to ensure the employee have the right skill set to execute the business plan
? Communicate with line managers closely to ensure Human Resources policy/process and system is supporting the business effectively.
? Optimize Shanghai site HR Operations
? Review & Streamline site HR Operation support model as site leader
? Streamline HR processes
? Co-work with HR Generalist to provide Human Resources solutions for their business requirement.
? Benefit & Compensation administration
? Onsite vendors’ management
? Subordinate: 2 (1 HR Operation Specialist—doting line; 1 HR Coordinator)http://phpbb3.smika.net

Responsibilities and Achievements

Responsibilities:? Work togetherdiscount chi flat iron with line managers to discount chi flat ironimplement overall HR strategy in line with the Global guidelines across Shanghai region, including R&D center and sales/marketing etc.? Facilitate effective objective setting, Performance and Development Review process
? Support the annual managereded hardy clothes hardy clothes review and facilitate career development actions for key resources.? Asst the developing of company C & B Policies and ensure effective execution ? Participate in annual salary review process to be in line with budget and compensation guideline to ensureed hardy shirtsed hardy shirts internal equity? Work together with Line managers to review staff's training needs, support the implementation of training plans? Participate and support line manager to design and set up skill training section according to company & employee career development? Promote Company culture through various channels? Build communication bridge between management and employee to build a healthy, safe and conductive working environments? Collect marketing information for assisting HR policies development and practice? Prepare HR reporting and relevant analysis? Support, develop, motivate and evaluate subordinates.? Subordinate: 1 (HR Specialist)Achievements? Involved company’s M&A project, to support Beijing R&D branch office closed down? Set up China Offering process? China Medical Insurance Review Projecthttp://forums.metalsludge.tv/forums